Warren Armstead

Hello, I'm Warren Armstead and I'm the creator of TMEB! 

I’ve always been an active person and fit. No matter my situation, I’d always make sure my body was in great health.

Health and education are two beliefs I’ve always had. One day, I had a dream of creating a brand that made getting fit easier and learning fun. Having a son in 1989 with disabilities, I understood the need to make this brand inclusive. That’s how 5 Points To Wellness was established.

Soon the game TMEB came to me. This game would be designed to keep everyone regardless of age or disability engaged and active.

I believe health is not just the physic of one’s body. The best health of someone includes each area: Mental, Emotional, Family, Community, Spiritual and Physical. These 5 points, if are always neutered, I believe, keeps one in the best health possible.

We are not just a brand, but a team on a mission to change the health and wellness of each person one game bored at a time. 

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